Sams tattoo career started in Palmerston North in 2007 where she learnt to tattoo from Steve Nesbit at PowerHouse Tattoo. Sam then moved to the sunny Hawke’s Bay and started up Gypsy Kids Tattoo in 2010 while working under John Roberts at Monsta Truck Tattoo, Napier. At the beginning of 2017 Sam ventured out on her own to open her own studio which has since relocated to the Tuki Tuki Valley and been rebranded to El Vardo Tattoo. Sams tattoo style is organic and ornamental and specialising in majority black and grey


Braedan is Sams first year apprentice, Braedan has always had a huge interest in art and started drawing seriously over the past two years.

Braedan started tattooing early 2019. Braedan is not stuck with one style of tattooing and is open to experimentation. Braedan is a blackwork artist and focuses mainly on the European traditional style


Tread finds writing a bio about as simple as producing a freehand perfect circle blindfolded. It's not his favourite thing.

Tread started tattooing in 2017 at Spacifik Ink under the guidance of Dwain Aiono. He then started exploring a variety of blackwork styles, focusing mainly in traditional on the journey to further develop his own style